The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating

The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating

The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating


Is There Any Difference between Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating?



All unhealthy eating issues are basically the same, right?


Actually, that is incorrect. Not all issues with eating, such as having an unhealthy relationship with food, are clinically diagnosed as eating disorders. For instance, disordered eating can cause severe health problems, mental and physical, but it is not recognized as an eating disorder.


An eating disorder and disordered eating are close cousins, but they are not the same thing.


Why You Should Never Think of Food as “Good” or “Bad”


No food is inherently good or bad. Food is just food. What you do with it is going to determine how healthy you are. Therefore, it is your actions with food, your relationship with food, which is either “healthy” or “unhealthy”, not the food itself.



In The Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating you will answer these and much more.

  • What is mindful eating?
  • Why junk food is so addictive
  • Understanding the 7 different types of hunger
  • Healthy alternatives to junk food
  • And much more



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